National Bike Month

May is National Bike Month and in Washington D.C., Friday May 19th is also "Bike to Work Day". I don't know if I will try it since my commute is a bit longer than most ppl, but I may give it a shot especially since there will be guides and re-fueling stations (water,gatorde) all along the way. It's definately nice to live in a bike-friendly area like DC. There are so many wonderful trails and communities that I would never have discovered if not for the fact that I've been there on a bike. I would love to live on the West Coast in California or Oregon which are two of the best places to live for bicyclists…

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Pikes Peek 10K Finish Time: 00:54:59

Just ran the Pike's Peek 10K Race this Sunday and here's the results. Not exactly an excellent time at 8:50 mins/mile average but it was my first 10K. I don't really have the body for distance running but I can see where the endurance aspect of the sport is addictive. Next year I would like to do an Olympic Triathlon (10K run + 1500m swim + 40km bike ride).

Pike's Peek Finish Line shot

The more I look at this picture the more I think that my face is way to intense looking. The last 200m or so of this race was a steady decline and everyone in the pack surrounding me was taking their sweet time to get to the finish. Rather than go out like that I started booking it and nearly mulled over the lady just behind me whom I passed with avengence. At 6'2" 215lbs I might not be able to get up to speed as quick as those skinny kids but when I get the motor running everyone better WATCH OUT!….;-)

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The Ultimate Collection of Travel Fare Search Sites

Multi-Search Sites (In no particular order):

Individual Airlines:

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Kamut: A refreshing alternative to whole wheat or wheat bran

Ever get tired of those cardboard tasting wheat or bran flakes? Want a tasty whole grain cereal that is also good for and doesn't need sugar? You may wanna try kamut. Kamut (pronounced kah-moot) is a new grain being introduced in the united states recently that is naturally larger and sweeter than regular wheat. Arrowhead Mills even makes a Kamut Brekfast cereal (pictured below).

Kamut breakfast cereal

I tried this cereal myself and I have to say, "Yum!". It kind of reminds me of KIX brand cereal except a little more subtle. It has a pleasant texture and slightly sweet taste and the best part is that it is an extremely low-calorie food. Check it out next time you go grocery shopping. You may find more info on Kamut here.

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At least one actor “Gets It”

In response to questions about fellow Mission Impossible 3 castmember Tom Cruise's new baby, Ving Rhames had this to say:

"There's gonna be a bill passed sooner or later that's gonna draw a line. We have to just think about, 'What have we become? Why is all of this fuss over another human being?' "

Yes, folks, even actors theselves want you to get over your obsession with them…

Just a little something to mull over the next time you sit down to watch complete strangers act like total fools on the latest reality TV series or find yourself glued to the Entertainment Tonight special on some young actresses' clothing and car preferences. Gossip and celebrity worship have become the "in" thing nowadays in a society that is increasingly devoid of any real curiosity about actually LIVING life (as oppossed to living vicariously through the thoughts and opinions of others)…

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Google Finance! Paper Trading the online way…

If you haven't tried out google finance (, I suggest you give it a whirl. It has 5 year data on pretty much ever stock and security (along with a few mutual funds) and does a really nice job of putting everything an investor would need (earnings reports, outlooks, blogs, company news, rumors, etc.) right there on the page. Once again google gets kudos for being so darn intuitive that you don't even have to think about it.

Another nice feature is the google portfolio which will allow you to have a "paper trading" or mock account of various stocks and see how their worth changes over time. It's a nice feature and I really like the interface. My only complaint is that it doesn't let you "sell" out of your positions or "short" the market but other than this, a nice tool indeed. Here's a snap with my summer stock pics, they are all based on common sense (no fancy technical anlysis here) but it will be neat to see what they are trading at near the end of the summer.


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Jetta: Lexi’s new companion

So Lexi has a boyfriend, well more like a canine accomplice. He's a black German Sheppard and his name is Jetta. Here's some pics of him. He's 8 years old and not nearly as energetic as lexi but what he lacks in enthusiasm he more than makes up for in heart.



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